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Interested in joining our team for YIPC 2021? Check back for the application after our 2020 competition! We're looking for likeminded Yale students with a passion for international affairs to join us on this next step of our journey.

(c) 2017.  IPC was founded by Elisabeth Siegel, Alexander Jang, and Sophia Wang. IPC is an undergraduate organization.

With extreme gratitude to Yale's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.

Thank you to everyone who attended this year's Yale Undergraduate International Policy Competition!

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Photos from IPC: Fall 2018
Grapple with current issues in international affairs.
Collaborate with talented peers.
Get hands-on experience with crafting realistic policy.
Present to experts in the field.

The Yale Undergraduate International Policy Competition (IPC) is a brand-new competition model combining the realism of a case-competition, the team-driven style of a Hackathon, and the international affairs content of Model United Nations. For undergraduate students excited for a chance to solve real-world problems with real-world solutions and have their presentations judged by experts in foreign policy, this is your show.


During IPC, undergraduates will compete to provide the most realistic and effective policy solutions to a current problem in international affairs. Students will work together in teams of four to draft policy briefs that directly respond to an issue raised through an intelligence briefing at the competition's opening ceremony. Competitors will then present their policy proposals to a panel of judges, which will include representatives from IPC's partnering organization, the Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, and a select group of student judges.

Fall 2018 Speakers & Judges
Note: Our list of speakers and judges is being updated frequently with new arrivals for both topics. Check back often or like us on Facebook to keep up with new announcements!
Prizes (Fall 2018):
1. Prize money (1st place team: $1000, 2nd place team: $500, 3rd place team: $300)
2. The winning team will receive 1-year memberships to the International Institute for Strategic Studies.
3. The winning team will be eligible to be funded to attend the Global Youth Forum on Nuclear Disarmament in Auckland, New Zealand on December 5-7, 2018. (Brought to you by the PEAC Institute.)
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