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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Yale Undergraduate IPC open to all schools, or just Yale?

A: Our competition is open to any and all undergraduates. Undergraduates may sign up in teams of up to four students. Teams composed of undergraduates from multiple different schools are acceptable.


Q: How long does YIPC last?

A: This competition lasts for three days, with on-site check-in beginning in the evening on the first day, and the required opening ceremony taking place shortly afterward. Work time will occupy the next 24 hours, and judging as well as other pre-professional activities will take place throughout the three-day conference. We believe that this sprint-like competition format is the best emulation of real-world decision-making processes.


Q: Does YIPC require any prior preparation?

A: No, you will not need to prepare or research any materials before attending YIPC. The briefing during the opening ceremony of the competition is designed to provide you with all requisite background information for the policy question you will solve.


Q: Do I need any particular expertise regarding [insert geographic area or other categorization here]?

A: This competition fundamentally will operate as an opportunity to test critical thinking, teamwork, and policy writing skills, all of which are not inherently specific to [insert geographic area or other categorization here]. Furthermore, as long as the subject matter of your policy proposals  is generally related to the topic announced at the start of the competition, you can focus your policy proposal on any particular discipline from which you bring experience, such as energy studies, global health, security studies, economic development, conflict resolution, international law, or anything else, really.


Q: What is the cost of participating in the IPC?

A: This Spring, we request a participation fee of $20 per team-member. This fee goes towards the maintenance and reservation costs of holding the conference; we do not make a profit off of the IPC. These fees right now do not cover room & board, but in the next question you can read further about our housing options. We'll update this if our funding situation changes and we'll be able to cover a meal or two.


Q: I am a student traveling to Yale to participate. What are my housing options?

A: Each year we have a block of rooms reserved at a local hotel at a discounted rate. Alternatively, we can pair you with a Yale host for Friday and Saturday night. It is highly recommended that you register earlier rather than later if you are looking for Yale housing. You can indicate your preference on the registration form.


Q: I'm interested in attending, but I don't have a team of four. What do I do? 

A: We will allow submissions of the registration form for groups ranging in size from two people to four people. We will have an informal match-making process that will bring teams together from smaller sub-sections signing up from different universities, if need be.


Q: When will the policy question be revealed?

A: The policy question and other relevant information will be announced during the opening ceremony of the competition in the style of an intelligence briefing by a representative of our partner institution.


Q: How is YIPC different from other competitions related to international relations and foreign policy?

A: Our partner organization will give us a topic for which they are interested in finding realistic, concrete solutions. Teams will directly interact with and present their solutions to prominent experts in the field and receive immediate feedback. Instead of being a mere simulation, YIPC provides an opportunity for you to provide answers to major foreign policy questions currently being grappled with by policy decision-makers.


Q: I have a question that was not answered on this page! Who can I talk to?

A: Feel free to email director@yaleipc.com at any time before, during, or after the conference with questions.