Our Mission

The Yale  Undergraduate International Policy Competition (IPC) was founded in 2017 with three goals:

  • To provide a competitive, engaging, entertaining, and challenging outlet for undergraduate students to cooperatively flex their policy-writing, problem-solving, and research skills on real-world problems.

  • To educate undergraduates about ongoing multilateral issues affecting many diverse regions around the world.    

  • To allow passionate young undergraduates to gain exposure to notable actors, organizations and firms in the field of international affairs, and allow for interested actors, organizations and firms to also gain access to talented, intelligent young undergraduates on a more meritocratic basis.

Students: why should you be interested?


Compared with conventional International Affairs-related competition models, such as Model United Nations or other debate-based contests, IPC is unique in its focus on substantive, concrete and realistic policy-writing that address real-world problems, thus providing an opportunity for students passionate about international affairs to transform knowledge learnt in class into actual, down-to-earth policy solutions.    


Through participating in IPC, students would be able to practice skills including but not limited to policy brief writing, research, critical thinking and problem-solving, all in a collaborative fashion. Top-performing teams are rewarded with items ranging from prize money to publication opportunities with our partnering organization following further refinement, as well as recruitment or advancement to the interview stage for internship positions with sponsoring organizations.


Above all, the competition serves as a vehicle for students to actively engage with and obtain direct feedback from accomplished experts in the field, including representatives from our sponsoring organization and professors at Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.  

Sponsors: why should you be interested?

Due to its unique competition model and emphasis on critical thinking applied to real world problems, the Yale Undergraduate International Policy Competition provides an incredible opportunity for policy-minded college students to interact and connect with organizations in various fields.  


For many organizations in the international policy field, matching their opportunities with qualified and interested college students is incredibly difficult despite large numbers of interested students.  The IPC bridges this gap by exposing more college students to opportunities in international relations and international policy, offering conference time and resources to connect students with organizations.


Sponsoring companies will be able to see these students in action, working cooperative on current problems in international affairs, and a connection can form that would have otherwise been harder to find. In the past, our partners have helped us develop the competition topic, establish standardized judging criteria, and continued working with the winning team to refine their policy proposals. This fall, we want to offer a career panel and further networking opportunities for our competitors to the scheduled events.