Our Team

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All photos taken by Daniel Zhao 

Willow Sylvester, Director (MC '21)

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Willow is a first-generation college student at Yale from Maine. She's a junior majoring in Global Affairs and is interested in seeing where refugee policy interacts with data science. Willow teaches classes to middle schoolers and high schoolers about refugees with Splash! at Yale, traveled to Rwanda this past summer to help refugees get access to college education with Kepler, and is in the process of founding a community service based group on campus to help refugees in New Haven with Epimonía. She also manages Yale’s wrestling team and teaches swim lessons with Special Needs Undergraduate Swim Lessons. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, writing, playing music, and any form of art that helps her feel connected to her artistic family.

Farah Muhammad, Director (SM '21)

Farah is an Economics double major from the Washington, D.C. area. She is particularly interested in the East Asian Tigers’ unique economic development, including local business practices and urban environments. She spent the summer of 2018 in Seoul, South Korea studying Korean on the Light Fellowship, during which she delved deeper into how the country’s super-accelerated economic growth, dubbed the “Miracle on the Han River,” had left both visible and invisible marks on the social landscape.  On campus, Farah is involved with the Yale-China Association’s YUNA Exchange Program, a unique, six-month academic and cultural exchange program between Yale University and Hong Kong’s New Asia College, during which students conduct research to be presented in Hong Kong. When she’s not completing work for Yale’s various international affairs-related organizations, she enjoys reading and watching documentaries.

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Aakshi Chaba, Development

Aakshi is a junior from New Delhi, India. She majors in Ethics, Politics & Economics, and is particularly interested in gender policies in South Asia. Outside of YIPC, she also writes for the Yale Daily News, plays the ukulele, and loves to play and watch soccer. After college, she hopes to become a human rights lawyer! 

Kato Bakradze, Operations

Kato is a junior at Yale. She is majoring in economics is interested in history and psychology. Kato is very involved in the International Student Organization, and founded the Georgian Club. In addition, she presides over European Horizons at Yale, which organizes a European policy-based conference each year. In her free time, Kato likes to sing, play the piano, or, of course, watch Netflix.

Jordan Young, Delegate Affairs

Jordan is a junior majoring in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology on the Biotechnology track and debating a double major in either Urban Studies or History of Science and History of Medicine. Outside of YIPC, Jordan is co-social chair and a choreographer of Danceworks, Director of Campus Advocacy for A Leg Even, and a member of Genetics Club. After college, he plans to take some time off to pursue his passion of dance and then apply to medical school after. He is so excited to be working on the YIPC board as a member of the Delegate Affairs Team!

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Henry Ziemer, Development

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Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Henry is absolutely thrilled to be a part of this year's YIPC team. On campus Henry studies Global Affairs and History, teaches international relations to New Haven high school students with Hemispheres, and writes for the Yale Review of International Studies. During his free time he loves dancing, writing, and watching cheesy martial arts movies.

Emily Mayo, Delegate Affairs

Emily is a sophomore from New Jersey. She hopes to study Neuroscience and Linguistics. Emily also works with Yale Model United Nations, Yale’s premier Model UN conference for high school students. Outside of YIPC, you can find Emily working in the lab or helping to plan student events with the Berkeley College Council. She also loves creative writing, going to brunch with her suitemates, and exploring new places on campus.

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Natalia Castellanos, Delegate


Natalia is a junior majoring in History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. She volunteers at HAVEN clinic as an interpreter, and enjoys playing soccer as well as being extremely passionate about what improves health services in underserved communities. After college, Natalia hopes to earn a Masters in Public Health and working with WHO before applying to law school, focusing on the policies that surround global and public health.

Eda Uzunlar, Development

Andrew Wei, Operations

Eda is a sophomore from South Dakota, and spent her childhood summers living the classic immigrant’s child life spending time with her family in Turkey. She plans on majoring in Global Affairs and participating in Yale’s Education Studies program. Outside of YIPC, she teaches parliamentary debate to the community’s high school students, works on her radio show, and waters plants at the Marsh Botanical Gardens!

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Andrew Wei.jpg

Andrew has been immersed in international affairs ever since he gained access to the internet and the Wikipedia rabbit hole. Now a Sophomore, Andrew is overjoyed to be serving on the YIPC board and to bring the conference to further heights. Outside of the wild world of YIPC, Andrew enjoys travelling, running, following obscure elections across the world, struggling with algebra, Asian cuisine, and engaging in an absurd level of procrastination. Andrew wishes all delegates the best of luck in their deliberations!