Fall 2018 Winners

First Place — "Proposal for Partnership of ASEAN and China against Trafficking (PACT)." Qusay Omran (Yale '21), Abby Leonard (Yale '21), Henry Suckow-Ziemer (Yale '21), and Jake Mezey (Yale '21).

Second Place —  "The South China Sea: DIspute Resolution through ASEAN." Jeannie Regidor (Harvard), Kangrong Zhang (Harvard), and Jessica Ding (Harvard).

Third Place — "2018 South China Sea Global Health Policy: How to Limit the Impact of Neglected Tropical Diseases in the South China Sea Region." Daisha Roberts (Yale), Araceli Lopez (Yale), Marlika Marceau (Yale), and Jordan Young (Yale)

Honorable Mention — "Counteracting ASEAN Countries' Economic Reliance on China" Camille Blum (Amherst), Kaelan McCone (Amherst), and Lakeisha Arias de los Santos (Amherst).

Honorable Mention — "The Implementation of Thorium Based Reactors" Harrison Kroessler (Bard), Charlotte Albert (Bard), Getzamany Correa (Bard), and Bennett Nuss (Bard).

Spring 2018 Winners

First Place — "Renewable Energy in Mosul." (from left to right) Steven Orientale (Yale '21), Kaley Pillinger (Yale '21), Aakshi Chaba (Yale '21), and Anne Northrup (Yale '21). 

Second Place —  "SMILE: Schooling and Mental Health Initiative for Literacy and Education (SMILE) for Mosul, Iraq." (From left to right) Nathalie Bussemaker (Yale '21), Minahil Nawaz (Yale '21), Helen Zhao (Yale '21), Ornella Bayigamba (Yale '21), and Zach Gold (Yale '21).

Third Place — "The Revitalization of the University of Mosul" (From left to right) Mansoor Akbarzai (Yale '21), Henry Suckow-Ziemer (Yale '21), Abigail Leonard (Yale '21), and Qusay Omran (Yale '21). 

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